Owl Forest Farm – Iron Junction MN

What a treasure this farm is. I’ve seen alot of local photographers shoot at this magical place, so I wanted to go check it out when our sweet, but spunky niece was visiting. You enter the shop, and pick what size jar, vase, or bucket you want, you then get a clippers, and away you go. Trummer who is 6 had a blast cutting all the flowers she wanted to take home, and I had even more fun I think cutting my own as well. It was truly amazing, rows and rows of beautiful flowers, a few chairs and props around to snap a few photos. It is a hidden gem. If you have the chance to go check it out, please do, you won’t be disappointed. http://www.owlforestfarm.com/index.html

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Hours Monday 1pm - 5pm Tuesday - Friday 10am - 2pm
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