OSLC 2022 Pictorial Directory

Six years have already gone by since the last church directory.  We have been tasked to create one before the end of 2022.  So here are some details, and what to look for soon in your email, social media, the bulletins, and here in the Voice.

We would like to have a photo for each family household. Like years past we will have a list of dates and times. Signing up for a time slot will be available online, in person or over the phone.  Different from the most recent directory we will be doing the photos at our studio, Flom Designs and Photography, which is located in downtown Hibbing, across the street from Goodwill. The address is 316 E Howard Street.  Submission of a photo is also an option.  Also, if you need a photographer to come to you – please don’t hesitate to call 218-208-9565.  In the coming weeks we will also have forms for a sign up after Sunday services.

Similar to the last directory we will be giving each family a free 8X10. The church will be purchasing directories for each participating family.  We also  will have a way for families to  purchase the directory to help with the cost.  You will also be able to purchase more photos.

Over the next four months, we will have times set aside for people to sign up in:

July – Here

August – Here

September – Here

Also the church will gather some “time and talents” info.  Please take some time to see how you can help our church.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner we can put the directory together.

Sign up before we have to call you and twist your arm.

For more information or to sign up for a time slot, go to this link:


Call this number – 218-208-9565 to sign up for a time also.

Thank you, Emily and John Law and the OSLC Pictorial Directory Group

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