here are some basics

sessions typically are an hour long, we usually don’t book anything for an hour before and an hour after so we have no interruptions.   we have a quick consultation, and go from there.  our job is to make you comfortable and produce a product you will love and a session you will enjoy.

team photographers vs solo photographer

john and i do shoot boudoir together, from time to time he will shoot alone or i will shoot alone.  this is a personal session, and we understand that you might not be ok with two people shooting your session.  when we team shoot, obviously you get more photos and ideas, but if you are more comfortable with a man shooting or a woman shooting let us know. we always clarify your wishes before the shoot.


emily can shoot a boudoir session at any available time in her studio.  john’s shooting availability is limited to nights and weekends for studio shoots.  on location shoots need to be schedule via consultation via the phone or email.

here are some common questions and our answers

do you blog, facebook or post any photos from boudoir sessions like your regular sessions?

we will if you want us too, but other wise we treat these sessions as personal sessions.  when we are done editing them we will put them in a secure gallery for you to look at, also so no surprises are wrecked. 

what do i bring with?

boudoir is sexy, so that’s the answer we use, whatever you think you look sexy in will be your best bet.  remember the accents like shoes, jewelry and other items that complete your outfit.

do you have specials?

yes, we do specials from time to time – fill out the form below

if you have more questions please contact me via form below

Hours Monday 1pm - 5pm Tuesday - Friday 10am - 2pm
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