• Sessions are about an hour, if it goes longer and things need more time, I will work with you to decide that before charging more. We can either do a location or studio session, I will work with you to help make that decision. Typically I don’t want to ask a child to smile, but instead I try to make him feel comfortable and let the process, take place. Typically children smile when they feel comfortable and aren’t being pressured by myself or family to smile. The time of the session is based on when you think it would be best for you and child. Being a mother of 3 boys, timing is everything. Let me know good and bad times.

• At first I like to get to know the child, I will have my camera out and I show them it and let them get used to the idea of me taking their picture. I don’t rush them, nor do I like it when parents are uncomfortable, so the first part of a shoot is often more playtime than anything. If the parents are comfortable with it sometimes I will bring a child to another spot in the same park or beach to let them explore and find new and fun things while capturing their true expressions and smiles.

• Clothing Suggestions Be comfortable. Barefoot is fine with me, or new shoes. Classic clothing like bibs, sweaters, jeans, and nice polos are always in style. If your child has a favorite hat or jacket let them bring that along. Let your child come as they are, it really is about capturing this moment in life.

• The Fun Part After I get a chance to work with the photos I will send you an email or call letting you know that the proofs are available online. I will give you an access code to enter and view your images. You can also share the info with friends and family, let them log in and look at the pictures, help make decisions or even order their own.

Questions or want to book a children session? Fill out the form below!

Hours Monday 1pm - 5pm Tuesday - Friday 10am - 2pm
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