Your wedding day is a momentous event. If your ceremony is 5 minutes or 1 hour, the job I have is to capture the emotions, the reactions and the moments. Entrusting in me as an artist to capture and reproduce the complete event. My typical wedding day is about 14 hours, from the very beginning of the day I take shots that will help you, friends, and family to remember the full day

The reception afterwards is a celebration.  During the reception I may suggest to the bride and groom pose with certain people for the sake of “Thank You.” If either person doesn’t want to do them I won’t push the issue but instead make decisions for other options based on that decision.

I make the whole day about you and your wedding. Besides just taking the photos that day, my service includes a free one hour engagement session. I will also provide a wallet sized reception card announcing your photos will be available online, that can be placed at the tables.

Answers to common wedding photographer questions.

1. What is the name and phone number of the photographer? Emily & John Law – 218.208.9565 / 218.263.7771

2. What is the address of the photographer? 316 E Howard St, Hibbing MN, 55746

3. How many years of experience do you have as a photographer? 16  Years

4. What percentage of your business is dedicated to weddings? 50% I do about 13 weddings a year

5. Approximately how many weddings have you photographed? Well over a 250, we usually do 10-13 weddings a year.

6. Are you the person who will photograph my wedding? Yes and sometimes another person/shooter

7. Will you bring an assistant with you to my wedding? Sometimes yes

8. How do you typically dress for weddings? Business Casual

9. Do you have a professional studio? Yes / 316 E Howard St, Hibbing MN 55746

10.What type of equipment do you use? Canon Digital 5D Mark IIII EOS / Alien Bee Lights

11.Do you bring backup equipment with you to weddings? I bring 3 Cameras, and 2 lights

12.Do you visit the ceremony and reception sites prior to the wedding? If I haven’t been there before yes, if I can be invited to the rehearsal

13.Do you have liability insurance? Yes

14.Are you skilled in diffused lighting & soft focus? Yes

15.Can you take studio portraits? yes

16.Can you retouch negatives? yes

17.Can negatives be purchased? If so, what is the cost? Yes / $500

18.What is the cost of the package I am interested in? Depends

19.What is your payment policy? $250 Down / Balance due 60 Days before wedding date.

20.What is your cancellation policy? See contract

21.Do you offer a money-back guarantee? yes if I can not perform or no photos work out, its in my contract in detail

22.Do you use proofs? Digital / Online

23.How many proofs will I get? They will all be online

24.When will I get my proofs? 6-8 weeks after the wedding

25.When will I get my album? 2 Months after ordered – to design, proof and deliver, but I want it to be perfect!

26.What is the cost of an engagement portrait? Formal bridal portrait? Engagement Sessions are included in all my packages.

27.What is the cost of a parent album? Starts at $400

28.What is the cost of a 5″ x 7″ reprint? $12

29.What is the cost of an 8″ x 10″ reprint? $33

30.What is the cost of an 11″ x 14″ reprint? $52

31.What is the cost per additional hour of shooting at the wedding? $160/hour  

Wedding Package Pricing

 Package One | $2500 + tax

One hour engagement session (inside the Hibbing area)

Wedding day coverage starting as early as you would like and continuing for three hours after the ceremony

All digital negatives and print release from wedding day on a USB in a custom designed case.


Package Two | $1400 + tax

One hour engagement session (inside the Hibbing area)

Wedding day coverage starting two hours before the ceremony and one hour after.

All digital negatives and print release from wedding day on a USB in a custom designed case.

Please feel free to contact me with wedding questions or availability.

Hours Monday 1pm - 5pm Tuesday - Friday 10am - 2pm
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